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È arrivato stamattina ed è bello come il sole. Direttamente dal Terzo Film: un miracolo. Tra poco ricominceró a respirare, forse.
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Benedict’s GQ Award acceptance speech (someone had a bit to drink)


aaah, what are friends for?  His movie’s hilarious.  If you think you know him just you wait.

MMmmm, it’s so gorgeous.  This is, this is wonderful, I’d like to thank a lot of people, Dylan thank you very much first of all and GQ for tonight.  Um I’d also like to thank James Mcavoy, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy for not being available um, and a yea, this is, it’s a wonderful thing.  Um I.. it is an embarrassment of riches, our profession is in general really.  I’m in this extraordinary room which is prize enough with Pharrell Williams … incredible motordrivers, I mean Lewis Hamilton,  motordrivers?  What century am I from?  Man…sound (mumbles a bit) I’m auditioning for Downtown Abbey or some such shit.  Um, not that Downtown Abbey’s shit.  I just mean… (pauses)  and um, its.. oh yeah, um and um,  yeah, where was I?  oh Fu…ck. I’m gonna stop swearing because my mother will disown me.  I should thank her rather than swearing. Thank you mum and dad for um rearing me.  Rearing, again what century?  That’s like, you rear farmyard animals.  I don’t think I’m one of those, uh, maybe, maybe I could play one, I’ve just played a tiger, so who knows?  Watch out for the pig, um, to add to my coterie of animals.  Listen, I’m gonna get off stage, cuz I thought, I believed Dylan when he said no the list at the top, that’s the list on the, on the thing… on your tables, that’s it and I was first so I drank a lot and I need the loo, so thank you very good„much so I’ll see you in the loo.

(wait, did he just invite us all to the loo?)

watch it here [x]

Best speech ever.
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